Manic Monday #193

Manic Monday #193
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What makes you laugh?
My grandchildren.
The movie "Young Frankenstein" made by Mel Brooks, with Gene Wilder---I end up having a roaring unabated laugh with that movie.
My sisters always makes me laugh.

What makes you cry?
I hate to cry. I will even stop myself so I won't cry. This is probably the wrong thing to do, but I'm defiant--determined. Yet tears still come, it is even more rare for me to sob.
When I had to have my sweet cat Molly put to sleep because she was terribly ill, September 2003, I sobbed and loudly. I am thankful that my husband was home then and he gave me a big bear hug, and I just let my emotions go. 
Back in May of 2002, daddy and I had just moved mother into a nursing home. I was going through mother's things in her dresser at their home, and I came across her hair scarfs. I picked one of them up, and lifted it to my face, I could smell my mother. My emotional pain was so great that my chest hurt, I was cut to the core with my grief. This was my mother and I wanted her back home. Instead she was in an olfactory nightmare and being cared for by strange people.

What is the best thing about being you?
That I am cancer free....4 years and 3 months.
I have a loving husband that is my closest friend.
I have 2 sons and a daughter in love, 2 grandchildren.
I've had the honor of caring for both my parents, mother is now at home with Jesus, but I'm still caring for dad.
My parents helped to instill in me a love for reading.
My parents took me to church and taught me by example about Jesus.
And most importantly that I am saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.


  1. Thrilled to have you joined the 100+ Reading Challenge. It's going to be a fun year in reading.

  2. A wonderful post. I enjoyed it very much. I cry very easily. Most of the time I will go off to cry alone. My husband loves me very much but he is gruff, harsh, controlling and hard to live with. I ordered a wonderful book I received yesterday about marriages like mine. It's done in a humorous way and I am really enjoying it. It's called "Because I Said Forever" by Deb Kalmbach. I have had a rough week. I chose to try for the fourth time to get off Cymbalta. Some women are suing the company because they have not been able to get off of it. The med was interfering with my prayer life because it makes me where I don't care enough to do well in intercessory prayer which is one of my ministries. Would you believe that at this delicate time in my life Watchman has chosen to come back to Shelfari. He has had me upset for three days. Check out Theology Forum and 5 point Calvinism when you have time. I quit the group 5 point Calvinism today because things got so hurtful. I wish you well with your new blog and I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Doylene

  3. Annette, a very heart felt post. You have a great heart! Merry Christmas


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