Manic Monday #197

Manic Monday #197

"Growing up what was your favorite sitcom?
What's your idea of a romantic date?
What are you most afraid to lose?"

Growing up my favorite sitcom was "The Waltons" actually it was an equal tie with "Little House on the Prairie."
I loved those shows: they were family oriented, always had a teaching story, good acting, and they portrayed the love and dedication that families should have for each other. I have season one of "The Walton's" and I will watch it sometimes on my television in my bedroom, it makes me feel all warm and cozy to watch an episode.

My idea of a romantic date is anytime spent with my husband, even it is sitting in the swing on the front porch, playing with the grandkids, laying beside each other in the bed watching nonsensical stuff on television. After 27 years of marriage, romantic dates are not important to me, the time that we share together is what is important--and always a few laughs makes everything wonderful!

I am most afraid of loosing...I have no idea I've never thought about this question before?
I would not like to be unable to talk to my sisters by phone, we are a source of encouragement and motivation for each other.
I would not like to loose my sight, I cannot imagine not being able to read a book, or see the face of my family.
I would not like to not be able to have modern conveniences like a washing machine, air conditioning, running water, and ice ready with the push of a button on my refrigerator.

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  1. We loved the Walton's and Little House also. I watched the Walton's until they got into the war years. When it got real sad I stopped watching it. When my son was two he could name everyone on the Walton's. I also loved the movie it was made from. I enjoyed your manic Monday. I might try it out. Doylene

  2. OK, you can now read my answers. Doylene


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