Manic Monday #198

Manic Monday #198

"If you could only have one section of the bookstore to visit, which section would it be?"
The section of a bookstore that I love to visit the most is the history and historical fiction area.
I have a large interest in the history section that I enjoy reading. I enjoy reading about American history, this includes early American history, Civil War, and World War II. I enjoy reading about British history, this includes the kings and queens of England and Scotland, the war years of World War I and World War II. I also have had an interest for years in reading about the Holocaust. I've branched over to reading Russian history, and French and German history.

"If you could only subscribe to one publication for the rest of your life, what would it be?"
My answer would depend on whether it is a publication I pay for, or one I receive for free?
If it is a publication that I pay for I would choose "Birds and Blooms" magazine published by Reiman Publications. If it is a publication that I receive for free it would be "Our Daily Bread" published by RBC.

"What activity always makes you lose track of time?"
Reading of course---especially in the library or a bookstore!

Blissful Reading!