Review-The Blood of Lambs

The Blood of Lambs by Kamal Saleem with Lynn Vincent
Howard Books A Division of Simon & Schuster
Published 2009, 340 pages

This book was borrowed from a friend for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

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Lynn Vincent is the editor of World Magazine. She is the co-author of the Sarah Palin book Going Rogue, and the bestseller book Same Kind of Different As Me.
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The Blood of Lambs is not a book that I would choose to read. As a matter of fact if I saw the book on a shelf while browsing in a book store I would not even pick it up to read the cover. But, several members in my book club at my Church recommended it. Our meeting is in a couple of weeks and I procrastinated about reading this book, I even borrowed it from another book club member.
I did read the book and was shocked at how swept in to the story I was, the story of the life of a former Muslim terrorist named (pseudo name) Kamal Saleem.
This middle eastern world of Islam is a world that is more than foreign to me, it is another universe, another dimension (as Rod Sterling would say.)

Kamal was born in Lebanon, he was a Sunni Muslim. His father worked hard to provide for the family, but as the family grew the weight of providing for the family provoked tension with his parents. Kamal grew up with violence in the home and violence on the streets. At an early age he worked for a minimal paycheck that he gave promptly to his mother. There was no tenderness or affection in the home. Kamal had a inner craving for an intimate bond with his parents, but there was only malice and discord. Kamal's life throughout his childhood, teenage years, and young adult hood are examined by the author to give the reader an understanding what a Muslim extremist is. He wants America to wake up and be prepared for these extremists that are living among us, training and ready to inflict suffering and death to us, the infidel's.

I was drawn in to the book immediately; the story is hair raising and surreal. To American's this mind set of another human hating us with a hatred that is so deep, so devious, calculating, methodical, penetratingly harsh and evil.....well it is mind boggling. It is this American mindset that Muslim extremists are counting on, our naive element of surprise.
Kamal writes of the training that he went through to target the enemies; the weapons he used, the planning, and indoctrination of becoming a murderer. He was trained by ruthless killers that had been trained by ruthless killers. Muslim extremists did not just begin their training shortly before 911, but decades before.
I felt that Kamal told his story not so that his book would be a "tell all"; but because he has grown to love his adopted nation and wants to prepare America for these terrorists that live among us. 
The book never slows down, a turning of the page reveals a battleground, either one in progress or one in the planning stages.
Most of the book is of Kamal's past, the book reveals his present work in speaking to groups of people on his "new mission."
I feel this is an important book to read, one that shakes the reader up and not in a good way, yet hopefully it shakes us up to an awareness of the reality that these extremists are living among us and are bent towards our death.

Blissful Reading!


  1. I think my husband would like this book. I will tell him about it. I'm having a lot of trouble with my eyes lately and can't read as many books as I would like to. I enjoyed your review. Doylene


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