Review-"The Little Guide To Your Well Read Life"

"The Little Guide To Your Well Read Life"
by Steve Leveen--his website is Your Well Read Life
Illustrations by Glenn Wolff
Levenger Press, Published 2005
123 total pages

This book was borrowed from the library for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

On a recent trip to the library I took home a few books on "reading." I know how to read, but there is pleasure to me in learning to be a better reader, a more voracious carnivore of books!
"The Little Guide To Your Well Read Life" is a small book, yet packed full of wonderful information on becoming not a well read life, but "your well read life." The author explains that it is the process of our journey as a reader that propels us forward through our reading life. He gives many practical ideas in having this well read life, such as keeping a journal of what we read. Several years ago I started keeping a journal on what I read----this led to creating my first blog in 2007. The author speaks from his heart, from his own journey of reading. I loved the personal affect of the author sharing from his own pursuit of a life of reading. I felt that this was an easy to understand and apply book on pursuing a personal goal of a well read life!

Blissful Reading!