Review-"The Pearl"

"The Pearl" by John Steinbeck (1902-1968)
Penguin Books Published 1947, 90 pages
This book was borrowed from the Public Library for the purpose of reading/reviewing. 

A short list of previous books by John Steinbeck are:
"Tortilla Flat" 1935----This was his first successful book.
"Of Mice and Men" 1937
"Grapes of Wrath" 1939----Pulitzer Prize
"Cannery Row" 1945
"East of Eden" 1952

In 1962 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

John Steinbeck a well-known American writer, known to me by his omitting of unnecessary words. 
Ah, but the words that he leaves.....they tell a story that only Steinbeck could tell.

"The Pearl" is the story of Kino, Juano and their baby boy Coyotito. They live in the town of LaPaz, Mexico. Kino is a pearl diver and he finds the great pearl--the pearl that can fulfill dreams and desires.
Kino and Juano's life is changed, decisions need to be made, but who to trust? Their simple, unadorned, peaceful life is no more. The town of LaPaz spreads the rumor quickly of Kino's treasure, everyone's intentions are made. 
This story is based on a Mexican folk tale.
I loved, loved this story. It is a moral tale, yet a simple tale. It is a story that the reader ponders and wonders what they would do if they were Kino and Juano.
This is story of what happens when people inherit a great prize. Does this prize change the lives of the people that inherit it, how do their neighbors and friends respond, what new decisions will need to be made, will it make their life better or will new problems come?
The main characters Kino and Juano are uneducated, poor; yet they are happy in their little home by the sea. Their main objective is to care for baby Coyotito. 
When the Great Pearl is found, Kino and Juano are unprepared for future decisions about how to deal with it. 
Their main objective is still to care for their baby, but what is the first step in acquiring their goal?
Weaved in to this story are the people with selfish motives, those that would quickly deceive Kino and Juano.
Anxieties, worries, fears crescendo in Kino and Juano's once simple life. 
Maybe you read this story in high school? 
Have you read John Steinbeck novels? What was your favorite?

Blissful Reading!