Review-The Time of My Life

The Time of My Life by Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi
Atria Books a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Published 2009, 247 pages

This book was borrowed from my sister JoAnn for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

This is the autobiography of Patrick Swayze, he wrote this book with the help and companionship of his wife Lisa Niemi.
I feel that more than anything this book settled a curiosity that the fans have of Patrick Swayze.
We've been given a glimpse in to the history of his life, his childhood and adolescence, his parents and siblings, the early years of dance and gymnastics, football. The book follows his years spent in New York City dancing and performing in shows, his life with Lisa, and the struggles of starting a successful movie career. The book describes their close loving bond of marriage, it also describes their struggles and hardships. He lived a full and rewarding life, he was hard working, kind hearted, charming, polite, and a passionate person. Yet, he also had struggles with insecurity and sadness in his life. I believe what stood out the most to me in his book is his kind remarks to other actors, even those that may have gotten the part that he'd wanted, or that had not treated him well, he was polite and kind. The book is not a deep book, and it is not the most outstanding biography I've read. I feel a great sadness for Lisa, she and Patrick had been together since she was a teenager. Briefly mentioned in the book is that Patrick believed in the Buddhist philosophy, but it does not appear that he was as active as the actor Richard Gere. This book was written simply of a boy from Houston, that had a lot of talent, and with knowing the right people and hard work, he became a successful movie actor. In Hollywood long term marriages are few, Patrick and Lisa's were the exception. They were an example of what a marriage should be, in an environment that adheres to superficiality.

Blissful Reading!