Manic Monday#202

Manic Monday #202

"Were you considered popular in high school? Why or why not?"
Hmm, yes I knew a lot of people, was friendly with most, but I did not consider myself to be in the "popular crowd." My junior and senior years of high school I was on Year Book staff and this put me in contact with many of the kids I went to school with. I hung out with those from Ag. or FFA. My sophomore year in high school I was in the drill team and was the sophomore class secretary. My freshman year I was in choir and German club. Who was the popular crowd? Those that were cheerleaders, football players, or other sports, those that were every year picked for Most Beautiful, or most whatever. I've never had the "it" personality, the gregarious, outgoing, etc. etc. I'm like whatever! I guess that is cynical, but I'm just me, not interested in being something that I'm not or in trying to compete, maybe that's it, I won't play the game.

"How old are you in your dreams?"
Present age.

"Did you ever run away from home? Why or why not?"
Yes, last day of my junior year in high school. I left that night. Moved out because I could no longer live with the abuse, the inability to not have a voice, or feel valid, I was living in a house with a mother that was for the  most part emotionally checked out and with a dad that was a hostile angry person. I was gone for six months, then returned home. During the time I was gone I worked, opened a bank account, bought my own clothes, paid my own doctor bills, went to school, went to bed hungry sometimes, lived in the ghetto.
Enough on that story.

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