Manic Monday #209

Yes, I know it is Friday!

"If you could write your own Bill of Rights, what would you include?"
I wonder how many people answering this question know what is in the Bill of Rights?

1. Grants freedom of worship, speech and press, the right to petition the government and to assemble peacefully.
2. Secures the right of citizens to bear arms.
3. Assures that troops may not be quartered in private homes without the owner's consent.
4.Guards against unreasonable searches, arrests and seizures of property.
5. Requires indictment by a grand jury for major crimes before trial; forbids repeated trials for the same offense and punishment without due process; prevents people from being required to testify against themselves.
6. Guarantees a speedy public trial by an unbiased jury for criminal offenses; grants legal concil for the accused and asserts that witnesses must attend the trial in the presence of the accused.
7. Guarantees trial by jury in civil cases for anything valued at more than $20.00.
8. Prohibits excessive bail and cruel or unusual punishment.
9. Confirms that people also have rights other than those mentioned in the constitution.
10. Declares that powers not delegated to the federal government belong to the states or to the people.

I would only add that children is apart of people and they have rights also. This means children of all ages.
Maybe there should have been a children's Bill of Rights?

"What is going on in the world today that affects you the most?"
I can think of several things: the sexual and physical abuse of children, children abandoned in garbage cans and dumpsters, priests molesting children and then hiding behind the "church", children hanging themselves in the school restroom, bullying, children going to bed at night hungry (and we live in America), children being used as mules for drugs, young girls being married to older men (in the name of religion), children daily seeing their mothers beat, children being tormented and manipulated by divorcing parents, children not being sent to school or given an education because the parents do not make it a priority, young children being left alone in the home while parents are out (or even at work), and child abduction.

"What do you think is the secret to a good life?"
Define good life? If good means a life of ease, good health and stress free; that is not possible. Have an attitude of gratitude for what you do have, more does not mean better or more happy. Live a life with the focus not on yourself; but on Jesus and others.

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