World War II

Are you watching the series The Pacific on HBO? There is a new episode every Sunday night, re-runs during the week. The Pacific is about the Pacific war during WWII. My father was in the European front during WWII, and I'm familiar with the battles and biographies of many of those books that have been written about that stage of the war. I had never read any books on the Pacific front. Maybe you've noticed at the bookstores a section of books on World War II in the Pacific. One of those books is With The Old Breed by E. B. Sledge; his story is included in the show Pacific on HBO. I have plans to read a few of these books on this front of the war. I am already reading With The Old Breed. I have another book about The Bataan Death March, entitled Tears In The Darkness by Michael Norman and Elizabeth M. Norman. I'm also reading a book on nurses during World War II entitled, And If I Perish Frontline U. S. Army Nurses In World War II by Evelyn M. Monahan and Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee. This book covers nurses in all fronts and battles of World War II.
I have to admit reading these books at night before I sleep is difficult--I have nightmares.

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