Becoming Jane Eyre by Sheila Kohler

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Published 2009, 256 pages

This book was purchased by me for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

The year is 1846 and the Bronte family (what is left of them) are living in a cold, damp, pale, depressing house on the moors of northern England. Mr. Bronte the father of this family is ill and in bed, and his daughter Charlotte is caring for him. While at his bedside Charlotte is scratching away a story, a story that she is determined to write. The first part of the book little conversation is exchanged, their thoughts and feelings are explored. The other family members are the brother Branwell, and two sisters Emily and Anne. Both Emily and Anne are writers as well. Branwell is ill and in his own delirium world. The book explores the family dynamics, their continuing grief from the deaths of the other family members, their isolation from most of the world, their feelings of age and being unmarried. The book also takes us through their writings and work to publish them. The book follows the course of their lives until the end.
I found this book to be depressing. Depressing in that these gifted women were stifled and inhibited from taking a breathe without suffocation from their religious beliefs and their father's intolerance. It was as if they lived with a too tight corset and could never take a sufficient breathe. This is heartbreakingly sad.
The sexual hang-ups that are developed and explored in this book---by people that believe sex is dirty (I guess), this too is depressing.
The author writes with fluid beauty in her prose.
The book gives an over all well done picture for the reader to understand how the Bronte sisters

Blissful Reading!

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