The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

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Published by Dial Press, 2009, 304 pages

This book was bought by me for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

I had heard so many friends talk about how great this book was. I purchased my copy last year, but the book kept being pushed to the bottom of my to be read pile. I finally finished reading this book last night, what a winner! I loved it!

The book begins in January 1946, a writer named Juliet living in post war London recieves a letter from a man on the island of Guernsey. He states that he has a book that once belonged to her, the book is by a writer by the name of Charles Lamb. She had sold this book to a book shop and somehow he came to be the new owner. Guernsey is an island nestled near the coast of France. The island is apart of Great Britain, this island as well as the other islands nearby were invaded and occupied by the Germans from 1940 until they were liberated 9 May 1945. Through further exchanging of letters life stories emerge of those that lived through the German occupation.
This book gave an account of what life was like during the German occupation. How the people lived, what they ate, what they sacrificed, the inability to have soap, food rations and food shortages, and curfews. The story is written through personal letters and it gives a gripping account from many individuals that lived through this terrible time. After having read this book I feel like I know these people better than some of my own family members. The author writes at times tongue in cheek with her character Juliet (a little light hearted). Yet, many of those who gave their account have had much heartache and scarring. The characters in the book are a mix of various temperaments. The name of the book is taken from the name of the book club that most of the characters are a member of. The character Juliet is a thrill, she has comedic timing, she is pasionate yet cautious. She could charm anyone with her winsome personality.
I loved the plot, the characters, and the historical information that was brought forth in this fictional book.

Blissful Reading!