How The Irish Saved Civilization, The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe by Thomas Cahill

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Published by Anchor Books A division of Random House, paperback edition--1996, 256 pages
Non-fiction/British History/Irish History/ Middle Ages/Roman History

I recently purchased Mysteries of the Middle Ages, And the Beginning of the Modern World Part V by Thomas Cahill. I was charmed by the beautiful photographs in the book (not the usual reason for my purchasing a book). I have not started reading this book yet.
Last week I was in the pubic library and came upon the first book in the series The Hinges of History that Thomas Cahill has written---How The Irish Saved Civilization. There are a total of five in this series that have been written, two more are planned.
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Thomas Cahill believes that the Irish Monks during the 500's saved civilization by copying ancient works of poetry, history, and other literary works.Thus, they preserved for all time these works of art and history.
How The Irish Saved Civilization travels back to when the Romans lived in Britainnia--Britain, our present England. The 400's were the period when Rome was disintegrating from the bands of northern peoples that invaded Rome. Rome was "sacked" by king Alaric (king of the Visigoth's a Germanic leader) in 410. In about 476 the last western emperors ended their reign. Rome left Britain, later the Celts from central Europe came, and the Angles and Saxons. In this fascinating history of Britain, Cahill writes of an adolescent named Patricius. Later we come to understand his name and learn of his strong Christian influence, St. Patrick. I had never read the story of this amazing man. He changed the course of Ireland. We are also introduced to Columbanus who was a missionary that traveled to western Europe preaching holiness, and bringing skills in bookmaking and copying.
I found this book to be fascinating and interesting. It is a quick read.
I do believe that Thomas Cahill loves his ancestry Ireland, and is proud of its rich history.
As I am not a doctorate in history I have no idea if the dates and details of his historical accuracy is correct.
I am just a gal that loves to read about British History.

Blissful Reading!


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