Jane's Fame, How Jane Austen Conquered The World by Claire Harman

A John MacRae Book Henry Holt and Company New York in 2010, 304 pages, Non-fiction/Biography/19th Century, Hardcover

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I borrowed this book from the library for reading/reviewing.

I made a trip to the public library today looking for other books on Jane Austen's life, I was not succesful. There was a book written by her nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh published in 1870, the name of the book is A Memoir of Jane Austen: And Other Family Recollections--available from Amazon. 
The author of Jane's Fame Claire Harman addresses the above mentioned book, in that the family had previously been restrictive in giving biographical information about Jane. The little bit of infomation that was released after her death was miniscule, and the family felt that that should be sufficient, and the public should accept it. Of course through the course of time the public's interest on Jane has morphed in to a celebrated heroine. Movies, books, articles, figurines, coffee cups, book marks, reusable book bags, blogs, all continue Jane Austen's legacy. Jane Austen is a beloved author that has endured throughout the generations of readers.
When I read a biography a foremost thought is what am I learning about the individual that I did not know before. The above mentioned paragraph about Jane's family was not known to me; the family wishing to remain private on Jane and wanting the public to accept this. A second thing that I learned was I had heard many readers state opinions on whether they were a Austen or Bronte fan. I enjoy reading both authors; but it appears that there have been readers that are outspoken critics against Jane's restraint in her writing, another words they felt her novels were too tame. Then again Bronte's characters needed Prozac.
Claire Harman has written a delish book for all Janite or Austen fans. I enjoyed every mosel of information that she gave about Jane. Jane is a difficult subject to write on, because there is scant information about her.
Claire did much research pouring over any of Jane's personal letters that were left (many were destroyed or lost).  I loved this book and even though I have already returned this book to the library, I may just have to purchase it.

Jane Austen born at Steventon, Hampshire, England on 16 December 1775 and died in Winchester, Hampshire, England 18 July 1817. She was the second daughter and seventh child. Her father was the rector of an Anglican church. Jane and her older sister Cassandra were extremely close, neither married. There is uncertainty of what Jane died of, some have thought cancer, or maybe Addison's disease.

List of Jane Austen's novels:
Sense and Sensibility published 1811
Pride and Prejudice published 1813
Mansfield Park published 1814
Emma published 1816
Northanger Abbey published 1818
Persuasion published 1818
Lady Susan written about 1803, published 1871
The Watsons written in 1803-1805, published in 1871
Sanditon written in 1817 in the last year of her life, I'm usure of the date of publication could be 1871 as the two above were published then.

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