A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh

Published by Vanguard Press in 2009, 208 pages, hardcover book, historical fiction/Regency Period/Romance

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A Matter of Class

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Mary Balogh

This book was borrowed from the library for reading/reviewing. 

Lady Annabelle Ashton is a young woman thats reputation is tarnished by an indiscretion. She is the only child of parents that wish to marry her well, actually very well. The next door neighbors are the Mason's, they are not of the aristocracy, they are considered "new money". During the British Regency Era 1811-1820 society standards rule. As a way of increasing the Mason name and position on the society ladder, and because of Annabelle's tarnished image, an arranged marriage between Reginald Mason and Lady Annabelle is made. Neither party is rejoicing in this, yet both Reginald and Annabelle feel cornered and without ability to say no.

In my opinion this is actually a short story. I read this book in one evening, total of 208 small size pages.
The book is a splendid romantic tale. I do not feel that it is a sweeping historical fiction novel, yet it is easy to read and entertaining. Women in the upper society during this time period were pawns to be used for advantage situations. I believe it would be rare for them to contemplate otherwise, the risks were to great.
To marry for love was a rare exception during this period.

Blissful Reading!