Murder on Lexington Avenue by Victoria Thompson

A Gaslight Mystery series
Published by The Berkley Publishing Group--Penguin Group USA  in 2010, 336 pages

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Authors Website: Victoria Thompson

The copy that I read was a hardback book and borrowed from the library for reading/reviewing.

Mystery books are a genre that I am not well read in; I believe this book Murder on Lexington Avenue maybe the second mystery book to read in my lifetime. I enjoyed this book and will be scouting for more of the Gaslight Mystery books at the library and bookstore.

New York City Detective, Sergeant Frank Malloy, is investigating a murdered man in an office building. The time period is early 20th Century. The murdered business man has a daughter that is deaf and this makes it personal to Malloy because his own son is deaf. Malloy in his investigation interviews family and business colleagues; those that are interviewed are haughty, aloof and uncooperative. Sgt. Malloy has a friend Sarah Brandt that is a midwife and both of them work together to solve the mystery of this crime.

I really liked this book and read it in two days. It was interesting to read in story the socio-economic differences between the wealthy and the working class in the early 20th Century. I liked the character traits of Sgt. Malloy and Sarah Brandt. Malloy a typical detective personality: cool, contemplative, attentive to detail. Sarah as a midwife has been in situations that have allowed her to be savvy and perceptive of people.
The layout of the story reveals more than solving the crime of the murder; the Murder on Lexington Avenue describes a mix of people that are from all walks of life and yet have their own secrets and quandaries.

Blissful Reading!