Precious, Based on the novel PUSH by Sapphire

Published by Vintage Contemporaries/Vintage Books A Division of Random House, Inc.
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Trade paperback first reprint published  2009--original copyright of the book PUSH 1996
192 pages,

This book was given to me as a gift, I chose to read/review.

Precious Jones was born November 4, 1970 to parents that were horrifically abusive to her. She grew up believing that she was "nuffin" she mattered to no one. At the age of 16 she is expecting her second baby, she is illiterate. She lives with her mother in poverty, abuse in every form, a trash heap of so called humanity.
Precious is able with the help of a teacher to become involved in a program for young girls and the life as she has known it may be about to change.

More people have probably seen the movie than read the book. I read the book in 1 evening, I could not put the book down---I had to know what would happen to Precious. This is not a book that you read because it is a "feel good" escape. It is raw, biting, acrid, emotional, exhausting and at times putrid. It is a book that a person reads in order to understand what abuse and illiteracy and poverty is like. I read this book because I wanted to "know". I wanted to get out of my white middle class box....well lower middle class. How in the world do we understand other people if we are never introduced to their world? More importantly if we don't know then we can't acknowledge there is a problem, and thus be apart of rising up in being involved in helping.

This book should not be read for the faint of heart, there is a curse word an expletive on every page. It was written in the street language and language of Precious--it is her voice in this book, her feelings, her vehement nauseating emotions of how she feels about her life. The book is descriptive in the abuse that she suffered. I want to cry at that last sentence....I just cannot imagine in my mind and don't want to. The books intent and I believe it has been successful, is in showing what ignorance and illiteracy and abuse does to a person, it causes demoralizing despair.

Blissful Reading!