A Short History of Scotland by Richard Killeen

The Battle of Culloden

Robert Burns

Sir William Wallace

Bonnie Prince Charlie

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Paperback 12.95

Link for the book @ publisher--Gill & Macmillan 1998, paperback, 72 pages

This is a small nearly pocket size book on the history of Scotland; small in size and large in information.
Beginning with the Neolithic or New Stone Age period the book takes the reader through to the technological advancements of the 20th Century.
What I found of most interest was the Pict people. They were named Pict (a Roman word meaning painted people). These people painted their faces before a battle. The Pict's were the tribes that lived in Caledonia (a Latin name given by the Romans to the area of northern Scotland). Eventually the Pict's would be absorbed by other advancing people groups such as the Scotti of Dalriada (from the northeast kingdom of Ireland).
This is a perfect book for any reader wanting a history of Scotland and do not wish to read a more in-depth albeit longer book. 

This book is a paperback library copy.

Blissful Reading!