The Lady in the Tower, The Fall of Anne Boleyn by Alison Weir

Published by Ballantine Books--A Division of Random House in 2010, 464 pages, Hardback
Non-fiction/Biography/Tudor History/British History/British Monarchy

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Anne Boleyn was the enigmatic second wife of Henry VIII. I used the verb enigmatic because Anne Boleyn is a historical character that has been written about many times, all with variations in her temperament, morality, and reputation.
She was condemned to death because of charges adultery (including with her own brother) and conspiring the kings death.
What has been written in every book I've read that is a fact is that Henry VIII was desperate for a son, an heir; Anne Boleyn had not performed her duty in this. Anne Boleyn was pregnant four times during her marriage to Henry VIII, only the first pregnancy Elizabeth lived.
Before Anne died Henry VIII already had a third wife picked, Jane Seymour.
Anne was a woman of strong character, she was not meek. She was not a complacent wife, she had a bite. She was a modern woman in an age where women were expected to be long suffering and close lipped.
The Lady in the Tower is written of Anne's last days, starting just a few days before she was charged and arrested. In other books I've read on Anne the author went back in her lineage, or at least to her birth and childhood.
What I was most impressed with in this written account was the final two days of her life. I've not read of her final statements, the full in-depth writing of those witnesses that watched her death. I'd also not read of those men (those condemned for having adultery with Anne) final statements, or bits of biographical information on them.
The final few pages I read last Thursday night before bedtime---specifically her agonizing death by decapitation. I slept little that night. I've since thought about her and the travesty and tragedy of what happened. In her final days her courage, gracefulness and composure would create a new legend, even her enemies were in awe.

This book was borrowed from the library for reading/reviewing. 

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