Sunday Salon

Good Sunday morning to you!
There is a hint of autumn in the central Texas air today. A norther has brought a cooler breeze, the temperatures are still too warm for me--77 at nearly noon, but the breeze from the north is wonderful!
Tonight the predicted low is to be 53...maybe I won't need that second fan.

I've been busy this past week with my dad. Last Monday he had a basal cell skin cancer removed from his right cheek, the scar is 3 inches long--it runs the length of his cheek. Everyday I've changed his bandage, a prescription ointment is applied twice a day. On October 4 I'll take dad back to the dermatologist to have the stitches removed and to find out the results of the pathology report.
The blister that dad had on his right heel has healed. Dad is a diabetic and a small thing like a blister on the foot can become a major thing to a diabetic.
In the last month I've taken dad to a doctor 5 times.

I've not finished How Green Was My Valley, deadlines on book reviews have kept me busy with Christian fiction and non-fiction which I post on my Blog @ A Well-Watered Garden.

Blissful Blogging!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. My grandmother really struggles with skin cancer. It's gotten so bad she can't really have all the legions removed surgically, so she treats them aggressively with food grade hydrogen peroxide. Unconventional, but it's worked so far!


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