Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants is being made in to a movie, the link for more information:

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Published by Algonquin in 2006, Paperback, 350 pages, Fiction/Circus Life/The Great Depression

I purchased my paperback copy from Target for reading/reviewing.

Water for Elephants is the story of Jacob Jankowski. When the book begins Jacob is a 93 year old man living in a nursing home. He reflects back on his life during the early part of the depression years when he worked in a circus. As an elderly man Jacob is a feisty, independent, charming, comical character. My favorite part of the book is of Jacob as an elderly man reflecting on his youth. I felt the writer did an excellent job is describing what it must be like to be elderly and dependent on others to care for them; also in his feelings of frailty and the uncertainty of each day. I enjoyed reading about a topic I know nothing about, the circus. I have never been to a circus, but have always wanted to. The various jobs, temperaments of both people and animals, caring and training of the animals, and the individual life stories of each of the characters were created vividly in my mind. About a third of the way in to the book is Jacob's sexual escapades. I was not impressed, actually brushing my teeth is more exciting. I'm not really sure why writers feel the need to insert some kind of sex act. Maybe because sex sells; it is tantalizing and can be comical. I felt it gave a raunchiness to the book that was unnecessary. Obviously many readers did not mind because this book has been on the bestseller list for a long time and is being made in to a movie. Over all I liked this book, the best part being the elderly Jacob---I would love to bring him to my home to live. He and my elderly dad that I care for could entertain each other!

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