Book Review: Historical Atlas of Britain, The End of the Middle Ages to the Georgian Era by Jeremy Black

This is a luscious book!

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Published by Sutton Publishing in 2000/215 pages
British History/Historical Maps

This is a lovely book to view. It is a large hardback book, adequate for display on a coffee table, would be a great gift for a person that loves British history.
The author begins with the end of the middle ages. During this time period the population has decreased because of the plagues, resulting in whole villages sometimes being wiped out, which then led to a decrease in farm production. Henry the IV and V were kings during this period, their lives as well as other monarchs throughout the book are examined briefly. Even though a briefness is given on the monarch's I felt that sufficient information was given. The Tudor's are examined (one of my favorite time periods). Henry VIII was the first king to be addressed as Majesty. Of all of the books that I've read on the Tudor's this was a piece of information that I did not know. The beginnings of the colonies in America are explored, and I love it when Americans are referred to as the rebellious colonist's.
Vivid and engaging photographs of historical maps, portrait paintings, castles, churches; they are all a standout in this book.

Blissful Reading!


  1. Hi Annette,

    You definitely have me beat for numbers of books read this year as well as genres. I'm struggling to finish 100! Anyway, welcome to the Shakespeare Challenge! I hope you enjoy your plays.

  2. Sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing.


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