Book Review: Semper Cool, One Marine's Fond Memories of Vietnam by Barry Fixler

This is my 2nd book for this challenge.


Semper Cool website including the jewelry store robbery footage from YouTube.

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Published by Exalt Press November 1, 2010/320 pages

Thanks to Exalt Press and Lisa Feuer Publicist for my free advanced reader copy for reading/review.

100% of proceeds of this book will go to wounded combat Veterans and their families and the children of warriors that were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
For this Barry I owe you a hug! I'm the mother of a combat Veteran of Iraq.

The book begins with a robbery that happened at the author Barry Fixler's jewelry store. Barry tells us the beginnings of this encounter, then moves on with his story of when he was growing up in New York, his parents and younger sister, his teenage years, Marine boot camp after high school graduation, and then the real deal in Vietnam. Barry will finish the story of the jewelry store robbery later in the book.
Barry tells his story matter of factly, without any fanfare. He tells the readers of his amazement in what he witnessed in Vietnam during combat, his shock, and the choice to push that aside in order to finish his job.
Barry to me was born with a confident personality, this is a trait that I find admirable. Being in the Marine's solidified this in that he carried out whatever was needed of him to do.
The book is written from the view of a Marine that experienced Khe Sanh, Phu Bai, Quang Tri, Dong Ha.
Barry tells us of the daily Marine life during Boot Camp and of the life of a combat Marine.
I really liked this book, and I so admire Barry for giving 100% of the proceeds to other combat Veterans!

Blissful Reading!


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