Book Review: Coal Miner's Daughter by Loretta Lynn with George Vecsey

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Published by Vintage Books, Random House a reprint edition in 2010. Originally published in 1976.
240 pages/Memoir/Country Music
The film Coal Miner's Daughter featuring Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones was in 1980.

Most of us know the story of Loretta Webb Lynn. A child of a hard working family in Butcher Holler, Kentucky. Her daddy worked the coal mine, her mother kept house and raised 8 children. When Loretta was 13 she married the older and wilder Doo, also known as Mooney, also known as Doolittle Lynn,
correct name was Oliver Vanetta Lynn. At age 14 she had her first baby, then had 3 more before she was 19, was a grandmother by the time she was 29. Mooney loved the way she sang and bought her a guitar and then pushed her to sing live in bars. Later she made a record and they traveled around the country in order to promote it. With much hard work and help from people along the way that believed in her, she eventually made it to The Grand Ole Opry

Even though I'd seen the film so many times..... I've lost count! I know that when you read the book there are things written that may or may not be in the film, or that the film because of screen adaption, etc. may even be different than that which was in the original book. 
The book and the film are nearly identical.
After reading the book I am more familiar with Loretta's mother and daddy and their life story. I understand the names of her siblings and smidgens of their life stories. I know the names of her children and grandchildren and Loretta's reflection on them, then and now. Loretta reflects about her and Doo's life together.
Her memoir is hard to put down. She writes as if she has pulled up a chair next to you and with liveliness in her facial expressions and hands, she matter of factly tells you her story. I did not feel anything was embroidered, or needed to be pumped up with riveting verbs. Loretta has lived a full life, a life of hard work, pain, excitement, and fulfilled dreams.
I believe one of the top reasons people love her so much is she is tangible, touchable, people can relate. Most of us did not start off life with being given everything to us on a silver platter. We are working people, and we have to work hard by the brow of our sweat. Loretta is the epitome of a hard working gal that made a successful career in Country music.
Loretta's songs are a reflection of her life, they are stories in song.
I loved this book and it was a joy to read about Loretta Lynn.
I admire her tenacity and grit.
She also does not have a problem being humble enough to speak her mind about her own life choices, whether she felt they were good or bad.

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  1. Just to let you know, Lynn WAS NOT 13 when she married. She was actually almost sixteen years old. This has been confirmed by her birth and marriage records. When she was finally asked about this error she stated that she "got confused" about what her actual age was at the time she was married. I highly suspect she simply chose to exaggerate in order to tell a more compelling story.


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