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More Information on the Civil War


Book Review: Sarah Morgan The Civil War Diary Of A Southern Woman edited by Charles East

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Published by Touchstone--Simon and Schuster October 1992/672 pages
Non-fiction/Memoir/Civil War/Journal/Louisiana History

When I read a book that has been edited from a journal I still feel as if I'm ease dropping in to intimacies of a persons life that I need to stay out of. The author of this journal encouraged its publication.
She lived a long life, a life filled with both happy times and sad times---I guess this could be sad for most of us. Although most of us cannot state we have lived through a war in our own front yard.
Sarah Ida Fowler Morgan was born February 28, 1842.
She was the 7th child and the youngest of 4 daughters.
Her father was a judge and they lived in the town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
She was…

E-Book Review: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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2553 words

Way back in high school as a class we read Romeo and Juliet, but I did not, back then I was the gal sitting way in the back of the class in the corner---I woke up in college.
Romeo and Juliet is not a favorite of mine from Shakespeare, my favorite is Macbeth.
Besides Macbeth I've read Hamlet, Love's Labour's Lost, and Julius Caesar. I have Othello sitting in my to be read pile.

The story is of 2 young people that fall quickly and passionately in love with each other. Their names are Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague. The houses of Capulet and Montague are at enmity towards each other.
Juliet's parents wish her to marry another boy, Paris. Juliet is crushed, she takes a risky venture by pretending to die, but th…

Book Review: Bloom's Guides Comprehensive Research and Study Guides--William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Edited and Introduction by Harold Bloom

I found the eBook for the hardback book that I read:

I have to admit I speed read this book. I'd thought when I'd checked this book out of the library that it was specifically the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, but it was a critical analysis of it as well.
I enjoyed reading the Story Behind The Story of Romeo and Juliet, such as the fact that this story has been in European literature for several centuries. Variations of the story began as far back as the 5th century in Ephesus. In the late 1500's it was re-written by a poet in France. This poem was then adapted in to Shakespeare's play.
I did not care for the dissecting of Romeo and Juliet by various professors in the back of the book.

Blissful Reading!

Book Review: Juliet by Anne Fortier

I did not plan to read 3 books on the Romeo and Juliet story during Valentine week, but it coincidentally turned out that way.
This review is the first book in a series of 3 for review this week.

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Hardcover $14.16
Paperback $9.69
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Published by Ballantine Books August 14, 2010/464 pages
Fiction/Love Story/Suspense/Mystery/Travel/Update on a Classic Story

Julie and Janice Jacobs are 25 year old twins, and they are as different as night and day. Julie is the older of the two, yet she has always felt intimated and in the shadow of her sister Janice. Janice is a wild child, as bold as a bee. Since they were young children they've been raised by their aunt Rose. Aunt Rose has now died and after her funeral and the estate is settled they each receive shocking news. Julie only receives a lone key from her aunt Rose. Umberto who had helped Rose to care for Julie and Janice, encourages Julie in he…

Book Review: An Illustrated History of The Civil War, Images of an American Tragedy by William J. Miller and Brian C. Pohanka

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I had a difficult time finding this book Online, I even googled the name of the authors.

Published by Time Life Books Alexandria Virginia in 2000/454 pages

This is a wonderful book! I poured through the pages, gazing at the large photographs--I was amazed at their preservation and descriptive quality! The information given about the entire history of the Civil War was engrossing and I felt as if I'd sat through an American History class--albeit more interesting.
The book is coffee table size and heavy. The book is a keeper an investment, but a grand one!

622,000 Americans died and 3/4 of a million were wounded because of the Civil War.
At the end of the 4 year war Congress was bent on punishing the rebellious and defiant South.
Carpetbagger's called this because of their suitcases that were made from carpet. These bone picker's came to the Sou…