Book Review: Juliet by Anne Fortier

I did not plan to read 3 books on the Romeo and Juliet story during Valentine week, but it coincidentally turned out that way.
This review is the first book in a series of 3 for review this week.

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Published by Ballantine Books August 14, 2010/464 pages
Fiction/Love Story/Suspense/Mystery/Travel/Update on a Classic Story

Julie and Janice Jacobs are 25 year old twins, and they are as different as night and day. Julie is the older of the two, yet she has always felt intimated and in the shadow of her sister Janice. Janice is a wild child, as bold as a bee. Since they were young children they've been raised by their aunt Rose. Aunt Rose has now died and after her funeral and the estate is settled they each receive shocking news. Julie only receives a lone key from her aunt Rose. Umberto who had helped Rose to care for Julie and Janice, encourages Julie in her quest of finding out where the key leads to that her aunt left her. This quest takes her to Siena, Italy. Siena is where Julie and Janice were born, it also leads Julie to the work that their parents were involved in when they died. In the process Julie finds out her real name is Giulietta Tolomei and this was also the name of her ancestor from 1340. Giulietta and Romeo was a famous story that began in Siena, Italy and was the basis for Shakespeare's play.
I loved this story!
The story just covers it all: suspense, travel, mystery, love story, re-make on a classic, and family saga.
There are twists and turns, surprises, rekindling of relationships, and strength in family.
Great character development and multi-sides are seen. Sometimes those characters that are thought of as bad, come through in other ways.
I had a hard time putting the book down, at 464 pages I finished the book in about 3 days.

Blissful Reading!