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Book Review: Civil War Soldiers, Their Declarations and Their Expectations by Reid Mitchell

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Published by Viking Penguin Group in 1988/288 pages
Non-Fiction/Civil War/Memoirs

I love to read books by historical researchers that do not just give information from what they've studied, but they give the voice from those that lived through the historical period.
In Civil War Soldiers the book is almost entirely the voices of the soldiers from the Civil War, both from the North and from the South, from the private to the officer. Their voices are from the letters and diaries that were kept by these men.
Their feelings are expressed about the food they ate, their clothing, missing their families, how they felt about the war itself and their enemy.
I was most interested by their pre-conceived ideas about each other.
The Northern soldiers were shocked and horrified by the living conditions of the southern peoples. That a slav…

The Ides of March


Book Review: American Scripture, Making the Declaration of Independence by Pauline Maier

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Published on May 26, 1998 by Alfred A. Knopf/336 pages
Non-Fiction/American History/Declaration of Independence

Be honest, have you read the Declaration of Independence? In its entirety? Not just the preamble? Have you read the entire Declaration of Independence aloud?
For several years I've had a large framed print of the Declaration of Independence hanging on the wall just a few inches in front of where I sit now, at my desk, and my opened lap top even touches the print. Yet, I had never read it, except for the first opening paragraph.
In the past few weeks I have been working on my genealogy and have traced back my maiden name, Hart, all the way to the mid 1700's in America. It appears my Hart ancestor's di…