Book Review: Everyday Life During The Civil War, A Guide For Writers, Students and Historians by Michael J. Varhola

Link for the book @ Amazon:

New Edition and Just Published Copy in 2011
Paperback $15.47

The copy I read was published in 1999 listed as first link.

Published by Writers Digest Books 1999
274 pages
Non-fiction/Civil War/19th Century

Synopsis of book written by author:

This is a book that I don't feel is meant to be read from cover to cover, it's focus is to be used as a reference guide for those wanting information about life during the Civil War.
I speed read this book.
There are a few pen and ink drawings.
Examples of information given: the clothing that women wore, the different types of weapons and artillery that were used, medical equipment and the advancement of medicine because of the war, what people ate, prices of clothing and foods from the beginning of the war through to end showing the inflation of prices, and information about the states of the Union and Confederate.

I felt this book was okay. It gave me some information that I did not know about this time period. For example the large amount of soldiers that became addicted to opiate pain killers because of injuries during the Civil War. I had no idea that opiates could be purchased at drug stores during this time period.
I would have liked to have read and reviewed the newer edition but that copy is not available at my public library.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting resource, but you're right, probably not one to read cover to cover. Your review will be featured on War Through the Generations on July 29.


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