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Book Review: Marlene, Marlene Dietrich A Personal Biography by Charlotte Chandler

From the movie that started her career:

Der Blaue Engel or The Blue Angel 1929-1930 is the movie that launched Marlene Dietrich's career as a movie star. She had made several low key movies in Germany that she'd considered unimportant and really preferred to not discuss. She came to America in 1930 leaving her husband Rudi and young daughter Marie in Germany. Later Marlene relocated her husband and young daughter to America to be near her. Marlene's mother and sister refused to leave Germany. Nazi Germany was a big reason why Marlene left, she despised what Germany had become in its politics and societal beliefs. She also understood the devious nature of Hitler. Marlene and Rudi Sieber married young and had one daughter Marie. Marlene and Rudi, although she stated they loved each other, had an open marriage. Most of the years of their lengthy marriage, they lived apart. For 33 years Rudi had an affair with a former Russian chorus girl. After making Blue Angel Marlene went …