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Book Review: The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent

Superstition--1. credulity regarding the supernatural. 2. an irrational fear of the unknown. 3. misdirected reverence. 4. a practice, opinion, or religion based on these tendencies. 5. a widely held but unjustified idea.
Oxford Pocket American Dictionary of Current English.

Blind belief, warped notion, fallacy, mare's nest; illusion, delusion, mote in the eye; prejudice, prepossession, fanaticism, irrational fear, belief in omens, obsession; myth, fable, old wives' tale. 
Synonym Finder by J. I. Rodale
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Book Review: Shadows Walking by Douglas R. Skopp

"...indifference to the sufferings that one causes...,even if it is given other names, is a terrible and permanent form of cruelty." Marcel Proust

The foreword was written by E. Thomas Moran, Ph.D.
In the foreword a statement is made that profoundly lays the ground work for the book Shadows Walking.
"No comprehensible explanation for the Holocaust. It was as indifferent to human suffering as an earthquake that indiscriminately swallows lives...But...the Shoah was conceived and carried out by human beings who could see into the eyes and hear the cries of those they willfully destroyed."

Shadows Walking is the story of two men: Johann Brenner and Philipp Stein. Each of these men are given a voice in the story, but it will be Johann that is the prominent character. These men had known each other since they were children. Their friendship continued through medical school--each taking the Hippocratic Oath. Philipp made a comment once in that "who wants to be a sa…