Book Review: Nocturne, A Haunting Story of Forbidden Love by Syrie James

Nocturne is not my usual read, no particular reason, just isn't. But, after reading Syrie James' book The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte, I made a trip to the library looking for more books by this author. I was specifically looking for her book Forbidden, but did not find it. Nocturne was available and I checked it out.

I have to admit from page one I was sucked in like a vacuum. I could not put the book down. In the beginning I was intrigued by Nicole Whitcomb's situation, in that she had spent a weekend with friends skiing and at a wedding in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Nicole stayed an extra day and then left in a rental car headed back to the airport trying to make her plane schedule and trying to beat a snowstorm. Nicole lives in California and is not used to driving in hazardous winter conditions. The story was building and predicting that Nicole would be in a life-changing accident. After Nicole's serious encounter with black ice and a spinning car. She is rescued by a mysterious but handsome stranger.
The book has two characters Nicole and her mysterious rescuer--Michael Tyler.
Quickly they find out they have much in common. Except for one important and significant difference.
Michael is clearly hiding something about himself, he tries to keep a safe distance. Nicole is in a quandary as to why he has certain habits. Yet, when they are close, there is a definite and powerful attraction.

This is a fantasy fiction type book.
It is a book for those who love sensual love stories.

Did I like it? Yes. It is well-written, entertaining, it certainly held my interest---I read the book in about 24 hours.

Published August 2011 by Vanguard Press
320 pages
Fiction/Mystery/Suspense/Love Story/Fantasy

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Mass Paperback $7.99
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