Book Blogger Hop Question For The Week Of May 25-31

Book Blogger Hop

I have not taken part in the Book Blogger Hop and Question Of The Week in a long long time!

The question for this week---May 25-31 is:

How do you handle the writing of a negative review?

My quick answer would be as graciously as I can muster.

My long answer is it is rare for me to read a book that I do not like, even rarer to read a book that all around in every way I dislike.
In reviewing I express those things that I liked or even did not care for----giving the reason why.
For example there was a children's Bible that I reviewed not long ago, in every way but 1 the hard back book was wonderful, except 1 key point-----there was no story of Jesus' death and resurrection. How can we have a Bible without these stories? Even young toddlers are taught about Jesus' death and resurrection. To me it left this children's Bible empty and hollow.
It is important in reviewing a book to be as honest as possible, giving reasons why I liked or disliked the book, to not leave anything open-ended.
As long as I have been reviewing books (almost 5 years) I've taken notes as I read. This helps immensely in writing a review. In these spiral journals I write characters names, synopsis, important points in story, words used that I liked or might even need to define in a dictionary, and of course my thoughts while reading the book.
Then when it is necessary to write a negative response on a review, I am as tactful and gracious as I can be.
I read reviews written on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles and Christian Book, sometimes people can be tacky, insulting. I want to be as professional and gracious as possible and yet as honest as possible.

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  1. That was a great input and I love that you said professional and gracious yet honest. I think even if the review is about something you don't like if you are professional about it and honest, then it comes off right. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  2. I keep notes while I read as well...I've always been an annotator which is why I don't have many giveaways on my blog. Who wants a book I've written all over? :p But, those annotations help immensely when I'm trying to provide details to back up my opinions of a book. I look for those same elements in book reviews I read regularly.

  3. I haven't as yet been a studious note taker, it's another time stealer for me. But I may have to try that with the next one just to see if it helps. Thanks for stopping by and Kudos for having 3 blogs I can barely keep up with the one!!

  4. I agree with you. =) You made some really good points. I also keep notes while I'm reading, I normally write mine on index cards though when I do. Sometimes I forget to write notes! =D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. I am gracious and kind as well. Stop by my blog to see my answer if you like.


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