Book Review: Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

A dead male infant has been found by hired hands in a barn belonging to the Amish Fisher family. The Fisher family is apart of the Old Order Amish of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The police are called and during the early part of the investigation the Fisher's 18 year old daughter Katie is the prime suspect.
Meanwhile, an attorney named Ellie Hathaway has recently come for a lengthy visit with her family living in Lancaster. Not long after arriving Ellie becomes Katie's defense attorney. In the beginning Ellie is reluctant, as the case progresses she becomes more involved in the family than she'd ever imagined. Ellie, a big city attorney with progressive ideas faces a radically different Amish way of life.

I enjoyed reading this book. It kept my attention--reading the 432 pages in about 2 days.
The mystery element is Katie adamance of her innocence; I wondered whether someone else was involved, or maybe she was mentally ill. This was the first point that kept me in-tuned to every page. 
A second point was the Amish way of life is radically different from Ellie's lifestyle, yet both Ellie and Katie learned they are each people with similar feelings and life choices.
I liked Ellie's character. She is pleasant, smart, wise, intuitive, conscientious, an observer. Ellie has apathy for others. She also has a demeanor in the courtroom that is intimidating, yet composed.
This is the second book I've read by Jodi Picoult. It's been a few years but I've read Salem Falls----also a great read.

Published by Washington Square Press, paperback edition 2007
A division of Simon and Schuster
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432 pages

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  1. Love Picoult. I would describe her writing as Lifetime channel movies, because they have that real life story feel to them. If you like her books I would suggest Handle with Care. Albeit it is a sad story that will make you cry, and probably more then once, but definitly worth reading.


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