Next Classic up for Review

I have discovered Henry James!
Not that he was lost, or unheard of by me. Until this week I'd never read a story written by him.
I'm almost finished with an Oxford World Classic that holds a collection of four of his stories. So far I've read Daisy Miller, Pandora, and The Patagonia. One story is left in this edition, Four Meetings.
I have another book also holding his short stories but from Signet classic. In this volume of stories is: An International Episode, The Turn of the Screw, The Aspern Papers, The Altar of the Dead, The Beast in the Jungle and Daisy Miller (which I've read.)
I have another book written by Henry James The Portrait of a Lady. This novel is lengthy and will take several days to read.
How do I feel about his work, his writing?
Marvelous, just a joy to read! He is a charming writer brought about from his study of people, both American and European. Their old world versus new world mentality. At times his tongue-in-cheek remarks from his characters made me laugh aloud.
Henry James was a traveler, and this is evident in his stories of people traveling in Europe, or of Europeans new to America.
He shows the transforming culture of Victorian standards in Europe, versus the "new" American thought and idea.
Look for reviews to come soon on Henry James's short stories.