What are Your Feelings About Fifty Shades of Grey?

Recently in the Fort Worth Star Telegram there were two articles about the book Fifty Shades of Grey.


No, I don't plan to read this trilogy. But, I know a few people who have. More have stated what a waste of money they spent on buying the first book. They don't plan to read the other two in the series. I asked a few of the people who work at a nearby Barnes and Nobles I frequent, how they felt about the book. They admitted the book was selling faster than they could replace them back on the bookshelves. They also expressed how poorly written the books were. I don't believe readers are buying the books in order to read a well-written story.
What are your feelings about these books?
You probably want to know why I won't be reading them, right?
1. You should see my to be read stack of books! Including deadlines for reviews till the end of this year.
2. Erotica is not something I want to read, not interested. I'm also not interested in the science fiction genre.
3. I feel the books are popular because they are a tantalizing sensationalistic type read. I rebel from that.
4. I'm such a super-sensitive girl both emotionally and spiritually I know I could not handle any book that has this type of content.   


  1. I'm with you for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reasons. I don't read it either. Not really a type of book I would read.

  2. I'm with you, noooo thanks!

    I don't understand the hype to be honest. You can find poorly written sex scenes anywhere if that's your cup of tea ;) So why these books? Why are they flying off of the shelves? Beats me.

    Hopefully the next book with crazy hype will be worthy!

  3. Agree with you completely,but I must share. I'm gearing up for our daytime book group, as I'm the leader and like to have lots of "goodies" for the ladies- bookmarks, suggested reading lists, rcommended blogs, etc. The average age is about 65. We're a well-travelled, well-read, university women's group. A lovely woman of about 75 and church-goer, just e-mailed that she read ALL 3 Shades of Grey over the summer. I can't wait for her review!!!

  4. Thank you "all" for your comments.
    Lorraine her insight of review should be very interesting!
    It could be I just take things to seriously, but that's my make-up I'm a serious gal.
    Jennifer I don't like hype at all. I don't want to go with the flow of what others are doing.

  5. I read it about a month ago - I'd link my review but frankly it wasn't one of my better ones! It's worth reading for one reason alone: so many people are talking about it, and it's always good to have an informed opinion, so I don't feel I wasted my time. However, if there wasn't all this hype I would never have read it, and say I did - I would have felt like I completely wasted my time. And that is why my review wasn't so good - I was essentially saying "Meh"!


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