Book Review: My Cousin Caroline---Book Six From The Pemberley Chronicles by Rebecca Ann Collins

This is the first book I've read in The Pemberley Chronicles. It is book six in the series.
The main character is Caroline Gardiner and she is a cousin of Elizabeth Bennet Darcy. Her father has a lucrative business. She has two brothers named Richard and Robert, a sister named Emily.
Colonel Fitzwilliam is an "amiable and obliging man." He was stationed in India and Ceylon, he has recently returned to England. Fitzwilliam is the cousin of Mr. Darcy. He is several years older than Caroline, but after becoming reacquainted with her he is smitten.
Caroline is a lovely girl, intelligent and wise. She is an introspective person. She is polite and expresses herself well. She is a jewel in her father's eyes. She has been educated in both the fine arts, languages, reading, and the caring and functioning of a home.
The book begins in the Autumn of 1817. Elizabeth and Darcy have been married three years.

The book is a chronicle of Caroline's life, both her siblings and future family. It is also a chronicle of the Bennet's, Darcy's, Fitzwilliam's, Collin's, and Bingley families. The time period as stated above begins in 1817 and finishes in 1866.

Positive Points:
  • I believe the author strived to write a sequel worthy of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. It is in sync with and compliments Pride and Prejudice.
  • Caroline is not a damsel in distress character. She is smart and savvy. She is not impulsive, she ponders things. I admired her intuitive nature for other people. 
  • The history of the time period was brought into the story. The economy, poverty, child slavery in mills, collapse of textile industry, loss of jobs, wars, recession, parliament and elections, the royal family. 
  • In an age where women had limited work opportunities, Caroline's character has a keen business sense and is able to utilize it.
Negative Points:
  • The story did seem a bit too bright and sunshiny in the beginning without there being any hardships or crisis. Mid-way through the book there were several crisis at one time. 
  • Fitzwilliam is a character I would like to have seen more development. Most of the book he is seen through Caroline's eyes. 
Over-all I liked this book!

Published by Source Books 2009
See also Austen Fans
352 pages----but the pages are large so they display more words per page.
Fiction/The Pemberley Chronicles/A Pride and Prejudice sequel/19th Century

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  1. I'm reading Book 1 right now, as you know, and it took me about 50 pages to really get into the story. I'm enjoying it right now and likely will continue the series. I loved Collins' Sense and Sensibility sequel, Expectations of Happiness. You should give that one a try if you haven't read it already.


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