Review: Paris To The Moon by Adam Gopnik

In 1995 Adam, his wife Martha, and their young son Luke relocated from New York City to Paris, France. Adam had visited Paris as a youth with his family. His views at that time was as a tourist. As an adult living in Paris, he was quickly indoctrinated into a world that was shrewdly Parisian. Adam works as a writer for The New Yorker, his wife a film-maker.
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 Positive Points:
  • Book gives a good description of an American living in Paris. What differences he sees, and his tactful impressions. 
  • Gives the different ideologies of Parisian versus American. 
  • Grappling with availability of housing, food, delivery of products and services, the weather, social life.
Negative Points:
  • Little depth. I see the outer exterior of the authors feelings. 
  • I drifted (speed read) a bit while reading the book.
I do feel the book gives a reality (a down-to-earth-feel) of what if would be like as an American living in Paris, thus fulfilling my curiosity.

My favorite portions of the book were on haute couture, which is the Paris fashion shows and industry. Also French cooking, and medical care and having a baby in Paris. 

Published by Random House Paperback September 11, 2001
Originally Published Hardcover 2000
368 pages
Paris/France/American Living in Paris/21st Century/European Attitudes Versus American

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Paperback $10.88
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This is book 5 for my September in Paris Reading Challenge 2012.