Update for Late September 2012

I'm not a happy camper with Blogger today. I've had several challenges of creating posts that looked correctly when I first wrote them as well as in the preview. Things then appear and then reappear that were not there when I wrote them, etc. Heavy sigh!

On one hand I feel I've done well in reading and reviewing for my challenge---September in Paris Reading Challenge 2012. I've read and completed 5 books (the 5th will post Saturday @ 8 a.m.). I have one more review to write Mistress of the Sun by Sandra Gulland (6th book for challenge).
I have 5 more books I wanted to finish: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (half-way finished), Annette Vallon A Novel of the French Revolution by James Tipton (almost finished), The Greater Journey Americans In Paris by David McCullough (have not started), Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (will finish before end of 2012......I hope), and an e-book of short stories---Paris Stories a New York Review Book by Mavis Gallant (am half-way finished). I believe I'll finish most of the above before October 1. If not they'll be read later. I have future reading challenges that will keep me busy till the end of 2012. I'm anxious to begin reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (for a challenge the first week of October). Frankenstein is a re-read, but I love this story!

I've felt a bit discombobulated the past two weeks, challenges in my family. Writing reviews has been more challenging because of this.

I hear the mid-west is in for chillier weather. In north Texas we've had a couple of cool fronts, hoping this week will be the last of over 90 degree weather.

Time to take meine Schotzi for a walk.


  1. I LOVE the subway picture. Way too cool!!

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  2. Thank you Elizabeth, you are always kind to leave comments. I appreciate that!


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