Review: The Wicked Wager by Anya Wylde

The Wicked Wager
The Earl of Hamilton is a popular and handsome man. Women find him irresistible. He has no qualms about loving them and leaving them. He does not want to be tied down in marriage, but would prefer to continue his dalliances with beautiful women. He then meets Emma Grey. Emma is a "well-packaged, wood-nymph."
The Earl and Emma fall in love. The marriage ceremony is to be detained, Emma is sent to stay with her uncle. A plan is created so that they will not need to spend this time apart. A wager is created between the two. Meanwhile Emma's cousin Catherine and a friend of the Earl's meet. This friend is Lord Raikes. He is a handsome man and he and Catherine do their best to stay apart, although they are both attracted to each other.

When I first began reading this short Regency romance story I was not sure I'd like it, much less be able to finish it. It does not have a sweeping storyline, nor strong vivid characters, nor an environment or setting that is described in detail. I don't believe the author intended for her story to be another serious adaption, but rather light-hearted entertainment.
It is almost entirely dialogue between characters.
Towards the end of the story there is blackmail, murder, and an investigation.
Did I like it? Over-all I was surprised at how much I did like it! It grew on me, and I felt invested in the story enough to want to know what would happen to these two couples who were in love. I'm a serious gal, occasionally, I need to not be as serious and read something for fun!
If you are wanting to read a book that is entertaining and a love story, I believe you would like this book.
If you are wanting a story to have more depth: such as symbolism, or strong characters, or descriptions of the environment---I don't believe you would like this story.

Thank you to Anya Wylde for my free review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Published on Kindle August 2012 
246 pages
Regency Romance

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