Review: If She Only Knew by Lisa Jackson

On a northern California rain slick highway, a car out of control hits a guardrail and careens over. The passenger dies, the driver survives but with facial lacerations and memory loss. A police investigation begins uncovering more unanswered questions that truth. Marla the lone survivor of the car crash is discharged from the hospital to a home and family she does not remember. She has an infant son she does not remember. She has a husband and older daughter she does not remember. Her brother in-law Nick she has no memory of, yet the heated attraction between the 2 is difficult to cool-off.

Although I can state I read this book in only a couple of days, and it was entertaining and suspenseful. I did not enjoy reading this story as much as Shanghai Girls.
If She Only Knew was not a powerful and moving story---it did not educate my mind, nor influence my life. The romance element is more of lust and sexual gusto, not a love story.
I guessed quickly those who were in on the plot, as well as the plot itself. 

Published by Kensington Books
My paperback bought @ Target created especially for them.  Paperback $12.00. Published October 30, 2012. 432 pages.
Originally published by Zebra in 2000.
If She Only Knew by Lisa Jackson - Target Exclusive (Paperback)
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