Back To The Classics Challenge 2013

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1. A 19th Century Classic.
2. A 20th Century Classic.
3. A pre-18th or 18th Century Classic.
4. A Classic that relates to the African American Experience.
5. A Classic Adventure.
6. A Classic that prominently features an animal.

Other options
A. Re-read a Classic.
B. A Russian Classic
C. A Classic Non-Fiction Title.
D. A Classic Children/Young Adult Title.
E. Classic Short Story.

The first book I'll be reading in January for this challenge is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. This book will be for a 19th Century Classic---see number 1 above under required.

Thank you Sarah for being the host!


  1. Enjoy GE by Dickens--great way to start the new year. My first classic will be a reread of P&P. Looking forward to reading your reviews as part of the challenge.

  2. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment JaneGS. Happy New Year!


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