Review: Great Tales From English History by Robert Lacey

Great Tales from English History
Title: Great Tales From English History, A Treasury of True Stories About The Extraordinary People-Knights and Knaves, Rebels and Heroes, Queens and Commoners-Who Made Britain Great
Author: Robert Lacey
Publisher: Black Bay Books-Little, Brown and Company-a trademark of Hachette Book Group, Inc 2007
Genre: Non-Fiction
Labels: British History, Great Britain, Kings and Queens of England, History,
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult, but suitable for young adult
Pages: 544
Rating: 5 Stars

Beginning with the Cheddar man of 7150 BC, and through the conquest of Rome, to the invaders of Viking's-Angles-Saxons-Norman's, to the witty Geoffrey Chaucer, Joan of Arc, to the years of Richard III and the Tudor years, Pocahontas, Captain Cook, the madness of King George III, author Fanny Burney's barbaric mastectomy, World War I, Dunkirk, the King who abdicated for love, and finishing with a story from 1953 about DNA. These are examples of some of the stories.
The reader is given a dip into British history, with the emphasis on England.
Each story is about three pages in length.
There are no photographs, a brief sketch is near each chapters title.
At the back of the book is a "Exploring the Original Sources", and websites are given for further interest.
Five lineage charts are given on Kings and Queens of England. 

Positive Points:
  • Over-all I believe this book is an excellent beginning for a short survey of British history. At three pages in length each story is easy to read and digest. Long chapters can be intimidating in a non-fiction book. 
  • The time-line of British history made me feel as if I'd taken a mini-course on British history. I was taught all the known British history, not just a particular age. 
  • Well-rounded in its scope of people. I learned stories not just about the famous or infamous; but I learned about the common people. I also read stories about people that are considered a legend such as King Arthur.
  • I always--always find it interesting to read a Britain explaining American history, I'm referring to the American Revolution. I don't take offense, but excuse me if I snicker to myself! I consider myself to be a proud defiant colonist. 
Negative Points:
I found none.

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