Review: The Welsh, The Biography by Terry Breverton

THE WELSH: The Biography
Title: The Welsh, The Biography
Author: Terry Breverton
Publisher: Amberley November 2012, Available in US January 2013
Genre: Non-Fiction
Labels: Wales, Biography, History, History of British from the known beginning until 21st Century
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 400, including 52 color photographs
Rating: 5 Stars

This is the second book that I've reviewed for Amberley Publishing. While reading through the books available on their website I was anxious to read Mr. Breverton's book on Welsh history.  
The Welsh, The Biography has been eye-opening, educational, and thought provoking.

Terry Breverton describes his book, "unashamedly pro-Welsh." It is with these direct and honest words that I was introduced to a complete and compelling biography of Wales.
Breverton begins with the known historical and archaeological beginnings of Welsh history, and takes the reader up until the present 21st century. 
From the early part of the 1st century and extending until the middle ages, the Romans, Vikings, Angles, Saxons, Irish, Normans, and English, all invaded Wales, with the goal of possessing lands and a people group that had been intact for centuries. Yet, Wales struggled and fought to retain its national identity.
Often when books have been written about Wales, it was with a bent towards English thought and opinion.
Mr. Breverton through study, research, and a love for Wales, has written a biography of Wales from the perspective of a Welshman seeking foremost to record the truth.

Are you aware?
"Wales has one of the oldest languages and national flags in the world."
"Wales has always been a nation."
"Wales has the longest unbroken Christian heritage in the world. "

Positive Points:
  • The authors supreme knowledge of Welsh history. From its ancient beginnings, through to the middle ages, the Tudor king who was Welsh, the boundary changes of Wales, religion, Church history, princes and castles, Welsh language, mining industry, mining disasters, child labor, promotion of education for children in the mid 19th century, and the current period detailing the affects of the economy and culture.
  • I appreciate and admire the authors directness in stating the problems that Wales has currently. He acknowledges various problems, seeking to be an advocate that will rally the Welsh to address and find answers.
  • The Welsh, The Biography, was exciting to read. Welsh is in my ancestry, and I felt an excitement and pride in knowing where my family came from. 
  • After I'd read The Welsh, The Biography, I felt as if I'd taken a semester college course on Welsh history. 
  • Norman history with the emphasis on the invasion including their brutality was horrifying, yet it gave me an idea of what life was like for the Welsh. Most books on the Norman invasion of England is on what happened to the English. Whereas, The Welsh, The Biography, specifically educated me on Wales.
  • Reading about the mining industry, disasters, and child labor, were heart-wrenching. I was angered by vile and money hungry men who cared only for themselves. Even in the 20th century, disasters and death happened because men in authority flagrantly denied fault. Why is this a positive point? Because knowledge is the first step, which then leads to being an advocate and spokesperson in being a rallying cry against its foes.
I finished reading The Welsh, The Biography, on 9 of January. I've had several days to think about it and I've not found any negative points. I have high regards for both the book and author. I'm anxious to read more books this author has written. I'm hoping in the near future to read Owain Glyndwr: The Story of the Last Prince of Wales.

hwyl (cheers)

Thank you to Amberley Publishing and Terry Breverton for my free review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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