Two Birthdays!

Today is the birthday of beloved author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Laura was born 7 February 1867 and died 10 February 1957. She is the author of the Little House series. The Little House series books were read several times by me as a young girl. I was a devoted fan of the television series as well. Laura had a way of writing that captured my heart, and helped to kindle a life-long love of reading.

Today is also the birthday of Charles Dickens. Born 7 February 1812 and died 9 June 1870. He is the Victorian writer of many books that often feature a young boy coming of age that has been sorely mistreated by his socio-economic status. Dickens wrote the famous Christmas story, A Christmas Carol. His stories brought to "light" the hardships of the poor, homeless children, society standards, prejudice against the poor and neglected and illegitimate children. Dickens wrote of the poor house and work house where those with debts and unable to pay were sent along with their families. Dickens wrote of orphanages where children with no voice were sent because they had no where else to go. Dickens had a talent of creating characters that could grab the readers heart with either love or hate. His characters were never milky-toast.

Where would literature be without Laura Ingalls Wilder and Charles Dickens?