Review: Owain Glyndwr, The Story of the Last Prince of Wales by Terry Breverton

Title: Owain Glyndwr, The Story of the Last Prince of Wales
Author: Terry Breverton
Publisher: In August 2009 Amberley Publishing LTD
Genre: Non-Fiction
Labels: Welsh History
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 288 total, with 32 Color Illustrations
Rating: 4 Stars
Author Terry Breverton begins with English and Welsh history from 1066 to 1378. Then he zeros in on the historical character of Owain Glyndwr. Glyndwr the warrior Prince who raised up an army against the brute injustice of England. Glyndwr who fought for a continuance of an Independent nation of Wales. Glyndwr who became a legend for the people of Wales, and a mighty hero of valor.
Owain Glyndwr's birth has been given in three dates: 1349, 1354, and 1355. "The most accredited date is 28 May 1354". Three major bloodlines were in him. He studied at Oxford or Cambridge, possibly studying law. He married, and had six sons, 7 daughters. When Glyndwr went to war against England, Henry II had taken the throne. The year was 1400. The war would last 15 years.
Terry Breverton through documented research, plus a strong dedication for the truth of Welsh history, has written a remarkable historical book.
This is the second book on Welsh history I've read by Terry Breverton, I'm just amazed at his dedication to study and research in his topics. I'm even more amazed at his candor in wanting accurate information given about Welsh history.
The primary theme is Owain Glyndwr, yet several other historical figures were written about.
  • Richard II
  • House of Plantagenet
  • John of Gaunt
  • Edmund Mortimer
  • Earl of Warwick
  • Henry IV
  • Tudor family
The description of the individual battles are given; but also France's role in the war, political intrigue in England, the suffering of the Welsh people during the war, Glyndwr's stark determination and military prowess, and the influence he's had through the generations.
I felt the book was well-written, organized and arranged well, and very interesting. There are 32 color photographs of Wales which includes the various locations of interest from the book.

Thank you to Amberley for my free review copy.

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