Review: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

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Title: Treasure Island
Author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)
Publisher: Penguin Classics 1999, First published in book form 1883.
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Classic Literature, Classic Children Literature, Sea Adventure, 18th Century
Age: Young Adult
Pages: 224
Rating: 3 Stars
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1911 Cover

Jim Hawkins is a young teenage boy who after the death of his father leaves his mother in England for a sea adventure and treasure hunt. His parents own an inn named Admiral Benbow. An "old sea-dog" stayed there and after his death, Jim and his mother searched his old sea chest for money owed them for his stay. Instead a  map is found. Jim secures a job aboard a ship named Hispaniola as a cabin boy, it also gives him transportation to Treasure Island. On this ship he sails with Dr. Livesey, Long John Silver and his parrot, Captain Smollett, and Squire Trelawney. His adventure is heightened when he hears of a mutiny.
Jim is "a lad of spirit". He is brave, wise for his age, responsible, yet a visionary.

My Thoughts:
I did not enjoy reading this story as much as I'd hoped. It is not a terrible read, it just did not click for me.
The strength of the story for me is in the eccentric characters, the adventure, and the descriptions of Treasure Island.

A favorite quote:
"There is a kind of fate in this...Every step, it's you that saves our lives; and do you suppose by any chance that we are going to let you lose yours? That would be a poor return, my boy?"  page 168.
I wished I'd read this story when I was young, I might have had a different view of it. 

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  1. I've never read it -- but my huband's theatre just premiered a new musical -- Treasure Island == singing pirates are awesome!

  2. When I was very little my father read this book to me and when I got a little older around 7 or 8 I read this book again and loved it! In fact it has stayed with me as one of my favourite books I have ever read as a child (beside Enid Blyton and C.S.Lewis of course). I have never forgotten the poem at the front of the book..."if sailors tales to sailors tombs, storms and adventures, heat and cold....." I loved the character, Jim as well as Long John Silver so much I used to dream of being a Pirate on the high seas. I will read it again one day, and see if I feel the same as I did when I read this book as a child.
    Thank you for a honest review!


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