Review: Beware this Boy, A Detective Inspector Tom Tyler Mystery by Maureen Jennings

Title: Beware this Boy, A Detective Inspector Tom Tyler Mystery
Author: Maureen Jennings
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart Publishing 6 November 2012
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Mystery, Suspense, World War II, England, London
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 320
Rating: 2 Stars

Late November 1940. A Munitions factory in Birmingham, England explodes. Many of the people that worked in this hazardous place were young women. Detective Tom Tyler is sent to Birmingham to investigate. Was this explosion an accident? Could it have been sabotage? Meanwhile, during the investigation Tyler find out about an AWOL soldier. He also discovers people with communist leanings. The year of 1940 was significant for London, as the London Blitz began.

My Thoughts:
There were three things that I loved about this story:
  1. The setting is in England. 
  2. The time period is World War II era.
  3. I also loved the focus of women working during World War II, and where they worked which required much courage. These women were aware of the horrific dangers, yet it was a good paying job and they persevered onward in the responsibility of their job. 
What I did not like about this story:
  1. The plot began well, but along the way I lost interest. I believe because the characters just didn't do anything for me. What I'm saying is I was not invested in, nor did I care in the outcome of any of the characters. They were ho-hum to me. For me, characters, specifically the main characters are numero important! The story revolves around them. They can be villainous and I can hate them, or they can be Goldilocks. But they must be vivid, demanding of my attention, quirkiness is a positive, and finally they must have something in their demeanor that is memorable.
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