Review: The Black House by Peter May

Title: The Black House
Author: Peter May
Publisher: Silver Oak/Sterling Publisher October 2012
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Suspense, Mystery, Scotland, Detective, Isle of Lewis, Murder,
Format: Hardcover
Age: Adult
Pages: 368
Rating: 5 Stars

Edinburgh, Scotland Detective Fin MacLeod is sent to The Outer Hebrides---Isle of Lewis. The Isle of Lewis is located northwest of the Isle of Skye, and both are off the west coast of Scotland. It is always windy on the Isle of Lewis.
"That tireless assault blowing in across three thousand miles of Atlantic. Beyond the shelter of Stornoway harbour there was barely a tree on the island."
There's been a murder in the village of Crobost. Ironically Crobost is the town of Fin's birth. The craggy Gaelic people will not all be pleased with his return, many will be shocked. He's been gone 18 years. People change. Yet, life on Isle of Lewis has changed little.
During the investigation Fin will have to face the events from his past. No longer can he ignore them.

My Thoughts:
I loved this story! Let me say that again. I love this story! I want to back up and re-read it. Instead I think I'll look for more books from this author.
What I loved about this story:
  • The authors writing style is fluid, smooth, relaxing. I settled back comfortably in my reading chair from the first page until the last. Although the fluid writing style is polar from the storyline and characters; with both a murder to solve and painful unresolved memories from the past---Fin's character as well as all the other characters are dark and dreary and they drape heavily upon each page.
  • The Isle of Lewis came alive for me in my mind. I could easily picture the wind-swept coast, the churning pounding white foam against the rugged rocks, the hard-working people, Gaelic demeanor and language, and the village of Crobust trying hard to become adaptable to modern times.
  • The story tied-in and finished well. I was not completely surprised by the chain of events, but was surprised by who was the murderer, as well as the finality. 
I want to point out the main character Fin MacLeod is antagonistic towards Christian's. Reading between the lines so to speak. I believe his lack of belief was because of his atheist aunt, tragedy from his childhood, tragedy from his current life, a longing for something more, and unresolved buried memories. At no point was I put-off by his candor. Instead I was amazed at his transparency. Fin is a character that is real, not a hero, but a real man with a multi-faceted personality, and with grim memories, like all of us.
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