Review: Seduction, A Novel of Suspense by M. J. Rose

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Title: Seduction, A Novel of Suspense Book #5 in The Reincarnationist Series
Author: M.J. Rose
Publisher: Atria Books/Simon & Schuster 7 May 2013
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Suspense, Historical Mystery Fiction, Isle of Jersey, Occult, Reincarnation, Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours
Format: Paperback---Advanced Reader Copy, Uncorrected
Age: Adult
Pages: 384
Rating: 1 Star

The time period and setting is late October 1855 on the Isle of Jersey. Victor Hugo, his wife, and children, are in exile on the Island of Jersey. Hugo's "self-imposed political exile" from France has moved him away from his friends and cultural life in Paris. A friend named Delphine, from Paris, came to spend a week with the Hugo's, bringing with her an interesting game, she described it as a new parlor game---a game that channels the dead. Hugo's interest is peaked. The Hugo's beloved daughter Didine had died several years before, and Hugo has been despondent and depressed. The possibility of being able to speak with Didine again is too much of a temptation.
Added to the story of Seduction is another main character named Jac L 'Etoile. Her time period is the present time, but same setting of Jersey. Jac is a young woman who is from a family of fragrance maker's. She has a strong interest in the occult, reincarnation, Celtic worship, myths. She has a history of odd dreams and visions that had been unexplainable to her. An ole friend has invited her to this island in order to discover and study Hugo's lost conversations with those from the séances, and in particular to an entity named "Shadow of the Sepulcher."

My Thoughts:
I really messed up in choosing to read and review this book. If I'd known, or if I'd noticed (because I missed reading something) that this book was on reincarnation or the occult, I would have declined in reading it.
I accept the blame. I'll be more careful next time.
Most reviewers, including me, read and review books that are of interest. For one reason, is that it insures a more positive response. But, in reviewing a book that is not of an interest to a reviewer, it can be a way to become educated in a field of books not formerly known. Another positive reason to read a book that was not in the field of interest, is the review is possibly written more shrewdly. Meaning there is no bent towards favor.
I say all this to express that while reading this book was liken to going to the dentist, I did read all of the book, and I do feel that it was an education in this type of book.
Did I like it, no.
I did not feel it was suspenseful, nor mysterious, nor frightening, nor romantic, nor sensual.
Victor Hugo is a carnal man. His thoughts, demeanor, actions, are all of desires in order to fill that deep cavern in his heart. He has an insatiable appetite for food, wine, sex. His desires and the calculating steps he takes in order to seduce is what he lives for. But when he achieves that goal of what he thought he wanted, it was not enough enough to fulfill him, so he pursues another interest or person. Never realizing that these things or people will never quench, or satisfy that void in his heart.
Victor Hugo has a wife and surviving family. Yet, he doesn't seem to realize his neglect of them.
The current time period main character is Jac. She too has been on the hunt to satisfy this craving she has of excitement, sensual experience, heightened ambiance. She has questions about past dreams. She has moments of unexplained visions. She has traveled the world seeking out mysticism from various religions. 
Both Hugo and Jac are characters that are searching for something more, something beyond themselves.
Hugo and Jac were probably the saddest characters I've ever read---I needed a Kleenex box.

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