Review: Lehrter Station, Book Five by David Downing

Book #5 in the John Russell Series
Title: Lehrter Station
Author: David Downing
Publisher: Soho Crime Press May 2012/Paperback was published March 2013
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Nazi Germany, World War II, Post War Berlin, Communism, Socialism, Soviet Union, Espionage, Double Agents, Spy, Historical Fiction
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 378
Rating: 4 Stars

Lehrter Station is book #5 in the John Russell series.

Lehrter Station is less about espionage or spying, more about post World War II, and in particular about how our main characters are since the previous book.
In the previous book Potsdam Station, John was able to secure his family out of Berlin. The people who secured this favor, want payback. 

My Thoughts:
For some reader's book five might be a let-down. The previous book was so dramatic and intense, that the reunions and remembrances of book five might not be exciting enough. I was not disappointed, I was happy to have a respite. Further, I needed to know how my characters were doing post war.
There are several factors in Lehrter Station.
  1. How will John and Effi's relationship be after their years apart? Can they just pick-up where they left off? Or do they need to begin anew?
  2. P.T.S.D. The after-affects of war for Paul, and Effi.  
  3. Ability to earn a living, and to hope for a future. 
  4. Friends and family left behind in Germany, did they survive?
  5. Soviet influence and Communism in Berlin, Germany. 
  6. Survivor stories.  
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